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How to increase upload file size

Prerequisite: This feature is only available with VT Writer version 3.2 +


How to increase file size

Access the terminal of your VT Writer server using SSH or console window. Open the visiblethread.env file with a text editor of your choice. The file path is /etc/default/visiblethread.env. In the example below I use 'vi' to open the file.

vi /etc/default/visiblethread.env

Now that the file is open in a text editor, notice the field "Custom File Size".


Edit the kilobyte value to your desired file size. Then save and exit the file. Restart all the VT Writer services and you should now be able to upload larger files.

sudo /opt/visiblethread/VisibleThreadTools/ restart



Note: There is no min/max file size limits. However, you should be aware that setting a high file size will increase the time for scan results to come back. This only applies to scanning documents with a file size higher than the default value (15mb).

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