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Create a Mail-Enabled Security Group for Graph Integration

This group is used to lock down your Graph Registered app to a mailbox. Here we will create a mailbox and create the mail-enabled security group that this user will own.


  1. Create a new mailbox. Name it “”. This is now our MAILBOX_USERNAME

  2. In the Exchange Admin area, go to Groups

  3. Hit Add Group

  4. Choose a type of Mail-enabled security

  5. Set the name to something like “xxx-graph integration for Example Corp”

  6. Set a Group email address for this. This will be our SECURITY_GROUP_EMAIL

  7. Check the box for “Require owner approval to join the group”

  8. Hit Create group

  9. Now add the MAILBOX_USERNAME as an Owner and Member of the group. NOTE: Any other Owners or Members mailboxes will be accessible via the Graph integration. It is strongly advised you remove these other members.

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