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VT Docs 4.4.3 Release Notes


Improvements / New Features

[VT-2903] MS Word tables preserved in Excel shreds/exports

[VT-3174] Download all documents in a folder as a zip

[VT-3633] Improve Discovery analysis - Individual adjectives should be excluded

[VT-3450] Dictionary categories are unordered in Responsibility Matrix

[VT-3655] Allow customer to set the hostname for SAML

[VT-3514] Remove Structure menu option at folder/doc level



[VT-2318] Cannot analyze a Word doc that has been created in the Office web client

[VT-3358] Import Users from CSV is broken when in SAML mode

[VT-3188] Responsibility/Compliance Matrix splitBySearchTerm report is not correct

[VT-3439] Acronym Report not fully displaying in UI (User interface)

[VT-3498] Add a syllable counting rule for the suffix "ment" with words ending in "e"

[VT-3576] Can get to sandboxAdmin before uploading license



[VT-3204] Removed log4j

[VT-3085] Removed Apache Axis

[VT-2882] Upgrade Bootstrap version

[VT-3373] HTTP Header manipulation allows access to Jolokia and MBeans

[VT-3324] Vulnerable to cross site request forgery (CSRF)


On Premise Platform Improvements

Upgraded Tomcat to v 8.5.81

Support for load balanced VT Docs instances

Support for installing VT Docs on FIPS-enabled RHEL 8


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