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VT Docs - Excel Document Doesn't Open With Macro Included


In February this year, Microsoft announced that they are changing the behaviour of Office applications.

For security reasons they will now block macros in files opened from the internet or web based applications.

This change affects Office on devices running Windows.

It only affects the following applications: Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, and Word.

Microsoft announced that this change will begin rolling out early April.

Previously, it was possible for end users to enable these macros by clicking a button on the Trust bar.

Now, once a user opens a file containing macros from the internet a message bar displays a Security Risk. 


The team here has seen this affect one of our customers.

We've identified a user workaround to allow your recorded macros to run.

  1. Create your "Starter Compliance Matrix" with "Include Macros to customize output" check box selected.
  2. Once the file has finished downloading, do not open the Excel file from your browser.

  3. In Explorer, locate your Excel file in your Downloads folder.

  4. Select the Excel document and right click to open the "Properties" dialog box.

  5. Opposite "Security", click the "Unblock" tick box and click "OK".

  6. Open the document and run your recorded Macros.

If this doesn't resolve your issue our support team maybe able to help further, let us know at 


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