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VT Docs 4.02


This is a major on premise release that incorporates the improvements made in cloud releases 4.0 and 4.0.1


New Features/Improvements

  • [VT-2417] – New Discovery
    • New ai driven discovery automatically isolates key themes across multiple files spanning hundreds of pages.
    • Improved discovery load times
  • [VT-2498] – Import Acronym Ignore list form CSV
  • [VT-2497] – Export Acronym Ignore list to CSV
  • [VT-2222] - Generate Acronym report as a Word document
  • Improved load times for Readability view


  • [VT-2978] – Cannot generate acronym report
  • [VT-2957] – Recent activity view not displaying document name for actions
  • [VT-3101] – Error opening annotated doc with latest version of Word
  • [VT-2967] – User with Admin only role cannot sign in


On Premise Platform Improvements

  • Upgrade Tomcat to v 8.5.73
  • Support for Red Hat 8
  • Support for Amazon Linux 2






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