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How to Deploy VT Docs on Amazon Linux 2

Note: VT Docs requires port 443 and port 22 open on the Amazon Linux 2 Server


Download the VT Docs rpm file to the AWS Instance (alternatively you can download the file at and then use an FTP/SCP client to transfer it to your instance):

curl -O

MD5 Hash: 26da0a6f7e04108c87c5f910b7202a4f


Install Postgresql 12

VT Docs rpm does not have a dependency on PostgreSQL. However, VT Docs does require PostgreSQL to function correctly. We support PostgreSQL version 10 - 13 but recommend using a minimum version of PostgreSQL 12. The below instructions are how to install PostgreSQL 12 prior to the VT Docs install.

Enable the Postgresql 12 repository and install the Postgresql packages:

sudo amazon-linux-extras enable postgresql12
sudo yum install -y postgresql-server postgresql-contrib

Enter Postgresql bash shell and initialize the DB:
sudo su - postgres
/usr/bin/postgresql-setup --initdb

Exit the Postgresql bash shell:

Enable and start Postgresl service:
sudo systemctl enable --now postgresql

Verify service is active:
systemctl status postgresql


Install Java17

sudo yum install -y java-17-amazon-corretto


Install VT Docs rpm:

sudo yum install -y visiblethread-docs-6.0.5-1.x86_64.rpm


Check if fapolicyd is installed

If fapolicy is installed it will block Apache Tomcat from being installed correctly, because of this you should whitelist the required directory in your fapolicy, see below.

  • Check if fapolicyd is installed
    sudo systemctl status fapolicy
  • If fapolicyd is NOT installed please ignore this section. If faploicy is installed please run the below command to whitelist the install directory for Apache Tomcat.
    # as root user
    echo "allow perm=any uid=visiblethread : dir=/opt/visiblethread/tomcat/" >> /etc/fapolicyd/rules.d/01-visiblethread.rules

    fapolicyd-cli --update

    systemctl restart fapolicyd

    sudo systemctl restart visiblethread-docs.service

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