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How to Deploy VT Docs on Amazon Linux 2

Note: VT Docs requires port 443 and port 22 open on the Amazon Linux 2 Server


Download the VT Docs rpm file to the AWS Instance (alternatively you can download the file at and then use an FTP/SCP client to transfer it to your instance):

curl -O


MD5 Hash: 37b38a56e6ef5c0b7def533df525e92a


Install Postgresql 12

VT Docs rpm does not have a dependency on PostgreSQL. However, VT Docs does require PostgreSQL to function correctly. We support PostgreSQL version 10 - 13 but recommend using a minimum version of PostgreSQL 12. The below instructions are how to install PostgreSQL 12 prior to the VT Docs install.

Enable the Postgresql 12 repository and install the Postgresql packages:

sudo amazon-linux-extras enable postgresql12
sudo yum install -y postgresql-server postgresql-contrib

Enter Postgresql bash shell and initialize the DB:
sudo su - postgres
/usr/bin/postgresql-setup --initdb

Exit the Postgresql bash shell:

Enable and start Postgresl service:
sudo systemctl enable --now postgresql

Verify service is active:
systemctl status postgresql


Install VT Docs rpm:
sudo yum install -y visiblethread-docs-4.4.3-1.x86_64.rpm

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