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Release 3.0 (June 2021)

Readability Release 3.0

Cloud release date: 12 June 201

On-premise availability: TBD


Grammar Issues

Writer 3.0 introduces new capability to check for writing errors. The types of writing errors Writer 3.0 can check for include:  Capitalization errors, typos, punctuation errors, grammatical errors. These are all categorized and displayed under the 'Grammar Issues' category in the Writer UI.

More to come on this.




Writer Changes

New Features

  • [VTREAD-1873] - Introduce Grammar as an issue type

    • In results view and exports

Bug Fixes

  • [VTREAD-2095] - Long words that appear in the Ignore list are still underlined in the results view if in different case

  • [VTREAD-2099] - French hover over displayed for English Watchword in results view in some situation

  • [VTREAD-2088] - A sentence with non-breaking spaces in it is coming out as one long word



Writer API Changes

New Features

  • [CGAPI-123] - Implement Grammar issue detection for Document and Web scans

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