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Release 2.6.1 (January 2021)

Readability Release 2.6.1

Cloud release date: December 20th 2020

On-premise availability: January 30th 2021


VT Readability 2.6.1 is an on-premise and cloud release that combines the improvements in the cloud-only release 2.5 along with new improvements in release 2.6.1

The highlights of this release is a new text editor flow and a new look and feel for the application:

  • Users can revise text scans in-line directly in scan results view.
  • Highlighting of language issues in the text remains intact while the user is editing the text. This allows the user to see the problems while they are revising the text.




New Features

New colour scheme and look and feel for the application to match VT Docs and our corporate website.

[VTREAD-1766] - Next generation editor for editing text with inline issues highlighted



[VTREAD-1782] - Don't highlight/underline long words in the scan results that have been added to the 'ignore list'

[VTREAD-2356] - Rename 'Whitelist' to 'Ignore List' in the UI and all reporting outputs.

[VTREAD-1783] -  Provide option to show scan results with whitelist not applies

[VTREAD-1942] - Performance Improvements in Insights Reports



[VTREAD-1372] Export from user admin does not respect the sort in the ui

[VTREAD-1122] Import Watchword CSV doesn't preserve term case

[VTREAD-1773] - Watchwords settings view freezes if you attempt to save a watchword with no category

[VTREAD-1784] - Missing or incorrect French translation for some language suggestions

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