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VT Docs 3.4.1 (December 2020)

VT Docs 3.4.1 is available for both cloud and on-premise users.

In this release we have updated the look and feel of VT Docs to match the updated VisibleThread corporate branding. This is the first step in a process to update the user experience and improve ease of use of VT Docs.


New Features / Improvements (Cloud and on Premise users):

  • Updated look and feel to match VisibleThread branding.
  • [VT-2202] Annotated doc generation from dictionary: Provide option using dictionary category as author


  • [VT-2406] Unable to refresh Quality or Concept tab after dictionary change
  • [VT-2396] Application hangs when non-admin users attempt to change password

For on-premise customers, this release also includes features rolled out to cloud users in our September 3.4 update:


  • [VT-2325] - Provide a 'Usage Report' view within VT Docs dashboard to allow tracking usage across all users in the current sandbox
  • [VT-2356] - Rename 'Whitelist' to 'Ignore List'
  • [VT-2392] - New Sandbox Admin option to export usage activity across all sandboxes


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