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Release 2.4.4 (June 2020)

Readability Release 2.4.4

Cloud release date: June 6th 2020

On-premise availability: June 15th 2020


VT Readability 2.4.4 is a major on-premise release that combines the improvements in the cloud-only releases  2.4, and 2.4.3 along with Single Sign-On for on-premise customers.

VT Readability 2.4 and 2.4.3 were made available for our cloud customers earlier this year. The improvements and new features in these releases are not available for on-premise customers with the addition of support for Single Sign-On.


Highlights in this on-premise release include:

  • Automatically track how the quality of your content changes through edit revisions. View the revision history for text snippets or documents and the quality changes between revisions.
  • Revamped UX and UI for identifying quality issues in scan results. 
  • Improved PDF parsing algorithms to delivery higher fidelity representation of the content in PDF documents.
  • Filter Quality Reports in VT Insights to report on 'latest revision' only.
  • Support for Single Sign-On using SAML2



New Features

[VTREAD-1491] - Support Single Sign-On for on-premise customers

[VTREAD-1398] - Introduce Improvement Over Time in Readability

[VTREAD-1401] - Automatically detect document revisions when uploading based on filename

 [VTREAD-1677] - Allow 'delete multiple users' in the admin view




[VTREAD-1499] - Add revisioning information to Excel Exports


Redesign for UI/UX for reporting language issues:

[VTREAD-1525] - Implement revised paragraph highlight styling. Specifically, on hover of issues and better spacing

[VTREAD-1591] - Remove "Default Suggestion" reporting as it adds too much clutter

[VTREAD-1562] - Redesign checkboxes used to toggle metric highlighting


Redesign for UI/UX for Whitelist/Watchword reporting

[VTREAD-1636] - Change to watchword suggestion presentation both on the document high-level stats and per paragraph stats




[VTREAD-1755] - Use the new PDF parsing algorithm

[VTREAD-1670] - Include delta's in the Scan Results view

[VTREAD-1680] - Add category to whitelist term in Annotated doc


New Features

[VTREAD-1408] - Provide option to filter Quality Views by latest revision 

[VTREAD-1677] - Allow 'delete multiple users' in the admin view

[VTREAD-1547] - Add an export for Insight users that can export to CSV a list of users and their Revision sets with deltas



[VTREAD-1374] - Admin view Export CSV not following table default sort

[VTREAD-1652] - Fixed an issue where date filters were not being carried with clickthroughs from Insights Dashboard 



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