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Release 2.4.3 (May2020)

Readability Release 2.4.3

Cloud release date: May 23 2020

On-premise availability: To Be Announced


VT Readability 2.4.3 is a minor release focused on some usability improvements and the introduction of more Improvement over Time features. We also improved our PDF parsing in this release as well as some bug fixes and tweaks for issues identified by our support team and reported by customers.  



[VTREAD-1755] - Use the new PDF parsing algorithm

[VTREAD-1670] - Include delta's in the Scan Results view

[VTREAD-1680] - Add category to whitelist term in Annotated doc


New Features

[VTREAD-1408] - Provide option to filter Quality Views by final revision 

[VTREAD-1677] - Allow 'delete multiple users' in the admin view

[VTREAD-1547] - Add an export for Insight users that can export to CSV a list of users and their Revision sets with deltas



[VTREAD-1374] - Admin view Export CSV not following table default sort




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