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Release 2.4 (March 2020)

Readability Release 2.4 

Cloud release date: Mar 25 2020

On-premise availability: To Be Announced


VT Readability 2.4 is a major release that introduces Improvement Over Time. This is a way for users to track the quality of a scan and its subsequent revisions.

With this release, VT Readability tracks all revisions you make to a piece of content, be it text or a document. Before now, if you edited a piece of text, or revised a Word document, you couldn't easily see whether your edits improved the readability scores. Now we track the history of your edits. So you can see the quality of your content through edit and review cycles.

Consider these scenarios:

  • You analyze a piece of text. After reviewing the results you edit the text to improve it and then re-analyze.
  • You upload a Word document to Readability for analysis. After reviewing the results and suggestions, you modify the document and upload the new revised version for analysis.

VT Readability will track the change in the quality of the content across these revisions.

2.4 also brings a redesign of the Scan Results page. This includes better suggestion reporting and interaction, new hover overs and cleaner Whitelist/Watchword reporting.


We have also added credit card support for users looking to pay for premium features. 


New Features

[VTREAD-1398] - Introduce Improvement Over Time in Readability

[VTREAD-1401] - Automatically detect document revisions when uploading based on filename



[VTREAD-1499] - Add revisioning information to Excel Exports

[VTREAD-1610] - Allow for credit card payments directly in the application


Redesign for UI/UX for reporting language issues:

[VTREAD-1525] - Implement revised paragraph highlight styling. Specifically, on hover of issues and better spacing

[VTREAD-1591] - Remove "Default Suggestion" reporting as it adds too much clutter

[VTREAD-1562] - Redesign checkboxes used to toggle metric highlighting


Redesign for UI/UX for Whitelist/Watchword reporting

[VTREAD-1636] - Change to watchword suggestion presentation both on the document high-level stats and per paragraph stats




[VTREAD-1652] - Fixed an issue where date filters were not being carried with clickthroughs from Insights Dashboard

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