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VT Docs - Quick Start User Guide

If you're starting with VT Docs or an experienced user, you'll find this short quick start guide useful.

It covers these key flows:

  1. Compliance Matrix - Create a Compliance Matrix in 3-clicks!
  2. Responsibility Matrix - Creating a Responsibility (RACI) Matrix
  3. Comparing Docs - How to Compare Word & PDF documents
  4. Compare Excel - How to Compare Excel spreadsheets
  5. Search Dictionaries I - Let Discovery help build your dictionaries
  6. Search Dictionaries II - Create a new dictionary by importing from .csv
  7. Readability - How to measure your documents Readability
  8. Acronym Reports - How to extract a list of Acronyms from any document.
  9. Discovery - Auto search documents for key noun terms and phrases.
  10. Concept Tracking - Search multiple documents for terms and phrases you select. 
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