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Release 3.2.2 (February 2020)


 VisibleThread Docs 3.2.2 is a major release supporting Single Sign On using SAML 2 for on premise customers.

The release also includes several minor bug fixes and enhancements.


New Features / Improvements:

  • Support Single Sign On (SSO) using SAML2 for on premise deployments
  • [VT-2203] Allow bulk import of users from CSV
  • [VT-2208] - New Navigation sidebar for Sandbox Admin
  • [VT-2266] - Allow configuration of custom port for Tomcat
  • [VT-2212] - Edit HTTPD configs for Red Hat deployment to ensure VT config is not overwritten when apache is updated
  • [VT-2241] - Remove any insecure cookies used by the application

Bug Fixes

  • [VT-2161] - Cannot save New Term in a dictionary with no category
  • [VT-2189] - Trying to save new dictionary term without category spins endlessly
  • [VT-2297] - Acronym report not working in latest Chrome update
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