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Release 2.3.3 (January 2020)

Readability Release 2.3.3 

Cloud release date: Jan 18 2020

On-premise availability: Feb 3rd 2020


VT Readability 2.3.3 is a minor release focused on some bug fixes and tweaks for issues identified by our support team and reported by customers.  

We have also worked on improving the performance on loading the settings area and in particular working with large watchword lists.


[VTREAD-1425] – Users with an apostrophe in their email address cannot be moved between accounts in admin view

[VTREAD-1426] – Quality over time reports in Insights using “<” rather than “<=” to grade metrics based on thresholds

[VTREAD-1433] - & and % characters in team names cause problems with click throughs on teams reports in Insights


[VTREAD-1438] - Add a confirmation modal to CSV team import to confirm users decision to carry forward / not carry forward users scan history when moving users between teams

[VTREAD-1439] - Notify admin users by email when license is 60 days and then 30 days out from expiry. Notify all users on sign in when the license is due to expire in 10 days or less.

[VTREAD-1445] - Improve performance of loading / saving large watchword lists

[VTREAD-1441] - Remove the dependency on rabbitmq component for on-prem deployments

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