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Converting email addresses to lowercase for VisibleThread import

Bulk import to Writer Teams (converting email addresses to lowercase)

When creating a .csv document for bulk import into VT Writer Teams it is mandatory to have all email addresses in lowercase.


Microsoft Excel has a function that will allow you to quickly convert all email addresses to lowercase.


  1. Your .csv file should have the Team name in Column A and the team member email in Column B.
  2. Copy the first email address appearing in upper and lowercase into a new column
  3. Select the fx (fx) button from the menu above Column B
  4. A dialog box is displayed. Select the text category from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select LOWER from the function list and click OK
  6. Type B1 into the text box and click OK. The email address will appear in lowercase only
  7. Select the C1 cell and drag the bottom right of the cell down the list of users to apply the function to all.
  8. All emails have been converted to lowercase.
  9. Now select all cells in Column C and right click your mouse and select "Copy"
  10. Now paste into Column B, right-click and make sure to paste "values".
  11. All emails should now appear in lowercase in Column C
  12. Delete Column C
  13. Save your .csv file.
  14. You are now ready to bulk import your teams and users into VT Writer.
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