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How to configure VT Readability on Red Hat to connect to an external database

The default configuration when VT Readability is installed uses a local Postgres database. This guide shows you how to connect your VT Readability instance (installed on Red Hat) to an external Postgres database.

Note: in all snippets below replace <external-postgres-server-or-ip> with your external Postgres server hostname or IP.


Your external Postgres version must be version 10.x and must have the postgres-contrib module installed.

Setup external VisibleThread database

Run the sql in this script as the postgres user to setup the external databases/users : vt-readability-db-setup.sql

psql -h <external-postgres-server-or-ip> -U postgres -f vt-readability-db-setup.sql

Backup/restore local DB to external DB

1.   On the local box, backup the DBs :

cd /opt/visiblethread
sudo su postgres
pg_dump vtreadability > /tmp/vtreadabilitybackup.sql
pg_dump vtinsights > /tmp/vtinsightsbackup.sql

2. On the local box, restore the backups to the external DB box :

psql -h <external-postgres-server-or-ip> -U vtinsights -f /tmp/vtinsightsbackup.sql vtinsights
psql -h <external-postgres-server-or-ip> -U vtreadability -f /tmp/vtreadabilitybackup.sql vtreadability

Point Readability app at external DB

Edit the supervisor config file :

vi /etc/supervisor/conf.d/vt-readability.conf

and append the following (all on one line) to the line starting with "command=java ..."


Save and quit editing, then restart supervisor : 

service supervisor restart

Verify that Readability is using the external DB

In your web browser, login to VT Readability and run a text scan.

If you run the following in the external database you should see the text you just analyzed :   

select title, started_date from scans order by id desc;

Recommended config for external Postgres

We recommend that you make this change to your external postgres.conf :

max_connections = 200
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