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    Upgrading an on-premise Readability deployment


    This article contains the necessary instructions for upgrading an on-premise Readability Deployment to a newer release.


    Upgrade files have an extension of ‘.tar.gz’ so an example file might be ‘VisibleThreadReadabilityUpgrade2.0.tar.gz’.

    When an upgrade is available, the VisibleThread support team will be in touch with each customer with details on how to download the upgrade file.

    When you have downloaded your upgrade file, it needs to be added to the /home/visiblethread/VisibleThreadTools/upgrades folders on the VisibleThread Virtual Appliance.

    Uploading the upgrade file to the Virtual Appliance

    You can upload the upgrade file to the Virtual Appliance via SSH (Secure SHell) using port 22.

    The easiest way to do this is to use one of a number of freely available tools such as the FileZilla client ( or WinSCP ( The next section outlines the detailed steps to complete this:

    1. Connect to your Virtual Appliance using the following details:
      • IP address
      • Username: visiblethread – Password: password (unless changed)
      • Port: 22
    2. Once connected, navigate to the /home/visiblethread/VisibleThreadTools/upgrades folder.
    3. Upload the upgrade file to this folder. 


    Back up the VisibleThread data

    Note: We recommend that you perform a backup of data prior to upgrading, in the event that the upgrade encounters any unforeseen issues.

    To do so, follow the steps outlined here

    Applying the upgrade to the Virtual Appliance

    The VisibleThread Readability server contains an upgrade script that will perform an upgrade of the application. 
    To run this script, log on to the server console and execute the following commands:

    cd /home/visiblethread/VisibleThreadTools
    sudo ./ upgrades/<upgradefilename.tar.gz>


    Note: You may be prompted for the “visiblethread” user password when running this command.
    This will unpackage the archive and deploy the release files and restart the application.

    Verifying the upgrade is successful


    To verify the upgrade was successful take the following steps:

    1. Browse to the Readability application, and verify the version number is correct. The version number should be displayed on the login screen.
    2. Sign in to the readability application and upload a document for analysis, verify the analysis completes.
    3. If you are using the Email service send an email with a document attached (Word or PDF document) to the email address you have designated for readability scans.
    4. Verify you get a response with the document analysis results.


    The upgrade process generates a log file in the following location:


    You should send this file to and they will verify that the upgrade was successful.


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