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    How to setup static I.P and D.N.S for Ubuntu 18.04 with network interfaces and resolv.conf


    To set up a static i.p for your VisibleThread Readability Server open interfaces with your choice text editor in this example I'll use pico

    sudo pico /etc/network/interfaces

    Once inside this file you will see the following and notice were it says "dhcp"


    Change "dhcp" to "static" and make the below changes relevant to your network:

    iface ens32 inet static
    address (this address is the static address you wish to use)
    Note "ens32" this is the name of the network card and must be replaced with the correct name of your network card, to find this run:


    Now that the static i.p is set you need to add the entry for the nameserver, to do this run the following commands:

     sudo systemctl disable --now systemd-resolved.service
     sudo rm /etc/resolv.conf
     sudo pico /etc/resolv.conf
    # Add your nameserver in this file
    # Now reboot
    sudo reboot now

    Note: You have set a static i.p remember this when trying to SSH back into the machine!

    To test D.N.S run:

    nslookup <domainonthenetwork>

    It should resolve like so


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