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What does enabling LIX do?

We have added a new language complexity score that is suitable for use with non-English content. Previously VisibleThread Readability used the Flesch Reading Ease to rate the complexity of all content, no matter what language. Now when you analyze any content in VisibleThread Readability, our language intelligence engine will automatically identify the language. If the content is written in English it will use our standard Flesch Reading Ease formula to measure language complexity. If the content is in any other language it will use the LIX Readability Score which is more appropriate for non-English content.

For more information on the LIX Readability score see here:

For content creators working with content in French we have the additional bonus of providing suggested improvements to the content in French.


Why is there a setting to enable LIX?

Currently when all documents in a folder are English, LIX scores will not be disabled in the UI. LIX scores will only start to show up once a non-English document is uploaded to the folder. To ensure LIX is always shown you can set this option in the Readability Settings in VT Docs. 



Once the Readability settings dialog is up you can then toggle the LIX setting for whether it is always shown. 



If you have any questions, or suggestions for future enhancements, feel free to contact us at


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