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Using The VisibleThread Bookmarklet To Analyze Pages Behind A Firewall or authentication gateway

The VisibleThread bookmarklet can be used to analyze web pages that might not normally be accessible to VisibleThread Web. These pages might include pages from intranet sites or pages that are protected by an authentication gateway.

The bookmarklet is like a browser plugin. The idea is that you go to the web page in your browser (that you want to scan) and then launch the bookmarklet to scan the current page. The scan results show up inside VisibleThread Web. 

Install the VT Web bookmarklet

1. Login into VT Web

2. Click "+Get Bookmarklet" 


3. In the dialog, drag the item "+Analyze in VisibleThread Web" and drop it into your bookmarks

Using the bookmarklet

Then to use the bookmarklet, in a new browser tab go to the page/URL that you want to scan. Once your page is loaded, go to your bookmarks and select "+Analyze in VisibleThread Web".


Fill in a title and what folder in VT Web you want the scan to be stored in. Hit "Submit for analysis" and your page should be scanned.

To view the results of the scan,  navigate back to VT Web (


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