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    How to migrate data from one VisibleThread server to another


    Occasionally there is a need to coy or move data from one VisibleThread VM to another, for example when setting up a test server with a replica of your production database or migrating your VisibleThread data to a new environment.


    The basic steps involved to migrate your data are as follows:

    1. Export your data from the source VM
    2. Copy the exported file to the destination VM
    3. Import the data from the export file on the destination VM


    Note: This process will migrate all users, licenses and data

    Export data from source VM

    Backup the application data on your old vm by running the following commands on the server (old vm):

    cd /home/visiblethread/VisibleThreadTools

    This will create a backup file in the /home/visiblethread/VisibleThreadTools/vtbackups folder


    Copy export data file to destination VM

    Using ftp or some other means copy the export file created above to your new VM. For details on how to connect to your VM using ftp see here:


    Import data on the destination VM

    Open an ssh session on the destination vm and import the data (exported above) by typing the following commands:

    cd /home/visiblethread/VisibleThreadTools
    ./ <backup-file.tar.gz>

    or for RedHat

    cd /opt/visiblethread/VisibleThreadTools
    ./ <backup-file.tar.gz>

    where "<backup-file.tar.gz>" is the name of the export file created in step 1.


    Once the restore process is complete ask a user to log in to the VisibleThread application on the new VM. Verify the data is as exected.


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