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Why VT Docs cannot extract page numbers when it shreds a Word document?

When VisibleThread Docs processes a Word document it cannot identify which page a piece of text appears on.

Page numbers are not actually stored with the Word document. The page break locations in a Word document are only determined when a user opens the document on their machine. This is because the user's page size setting (e.g. Letter, A4) and orientation (Portrait, Landscape) are not stored with the document, but are user specific settings.

Hence VisibleThread cannot reliably calculate the page number a piece of text belongs to as it may be different for different users.

We can extract page numbers when we process PDF documents. This is because a pdf document stores the page settings/print settings with the document so we can process that data and use it to calculate page numbers.

If its critical to have page numbers in the output of your shred, you could save the Word document as a PDF and use it to generate the shred.


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