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Can VisibleThread Docs help compliance with the accessibility guidelines specified in WCAG ver 2.0 or 508?

WCAG ver 2.0 is a set of techniques or guidelines that specify how to make your web estate accessible for people with disabilities. 508 compliance has a similar remit. The recommendations are:

  1. part technical (eg; use alt text for images) &
  2. part human judgement (eg: use short sentences that people with learning difficulties more easily understand)

There are a host of tools available. Most address the first type of check, very few help the latter. Many are listed here:

VisibleThread solutions help for the 2nd category of guidelines.

We pin point poor content clarity and help editors/content curators write better and more meaningful content. We measure content that is on-off message using Clarity (readability analysis). We also test that content (text) complies with regulatory drivers. Examples are where copy needs to refer to specific, consistent terminology. For instance, a country’s “Consumer Protection Act” will often mandate consistent reference to certain glossary terms such as “30-day money back guarantee”.  We will check instantly that the copy correctly uses these terms based on customizable dictionaries.

So our solutions pinpoint issues very quickly.

Finally, we agree with this statement from the W3C

What evaluation tools can not do

Many accessibility checks require human judgement and must be evaluated manually using different techniques. Also, in some cases evaluation tools are prone to producing false or misleading results such as not identifying or signal incorrect code. The results from evaluation tools should not be used to determine conformance levels unless they are operated by experienced evaluators who understand the capabilities and limitations of the tools in order to achieve accurate results. Web accessibility evaluation tools can not determine the accessibility of Web sites, they can only assist in doing so.

So, VisibleThread solutions will not mean you are automatically compliant  (just like all of the accessibility tools). But it is a vital tool for teams who are serious about accessible content and achieving WCAG ver 2.0 compliance.

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