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Why do I get an empty Excel file when I try to compare two documents?

The ability to Compare 2 documents for revisions is a powerful feature of VT Docs that makes it easy to quickly identify changes between document revisions.

A small number of users have reported an issue when using this feature in that the excel spreadsheet produced by the process is empty.

Here are two possible causes & remediation steps:

1.) Impact of New MS Restrictions on opening files from the web

In this case the Excel file is being generated fine, however, your local Excel installation is not opening it correctly.

This is most likely caused by recent changes in Excel that restrict opening files from web applications.

There are two possible ways to work around this issue:

  • If your browser asks if you wish to save the file or open it directly, choose 'Save' and save it in a well-known location on your machine (e.g. "My Documents").
  • Locate the downloaded file on your machine and rename it. Often Excel can report difficulties opening files that have very long file names. Choose a short file name. Once the file has been renamed, try opening it in Excel.

2.) Hidden Rows or Row Heights set to zero

In this case the content is there but appears to be hidden or row heights are set to zero, i.e the Excel file opens with all columns and rows appearing grey.

To fix this, if you double click the cell beside the A column it should expand all the content. NOTE: You may need to move the curser around the bottom of that cell until two black arrows appear then double click.



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