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Why am I getting a message on sign in relating to active sessions?

We've recently made changes to how we handle user sessions in VisibleThread. Our motivation was from a security standpoint.

When you sign into VisibleThread Docs, you now may get a message like this.


Why do you get this message?

We now prevent the same user account signing in from different machines at the same time. If you see the above message, this means someone is using your credentials in an active session from a different machine.

Why did we make this change?

Here are the reasons we do not allow this:

  1. Security - Our primary motivation was security. In general it is not a good idea to allow multiple active user sessions and this encourages the sharing of user credentials which provides poor security. Introducing this restriction means that you will become immediately aware if some other user has gained access to your login details.
  2. Audit Trails - allowing more than 1 active session per user can introduce anomalies when when tracking user activities in the system. This leads to difficulties with issue resolution and user auditing.


Joe, Support Engineer.

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