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I have selected to re-analyze my folder, and now it seems VisibleThread is not letting me use the tool in is this normal?

VisibleThread for documents version 2.11 introduced 'Enhanced discovery'. This improvement to the discovery view provides greater insight to the content of your documents and folders.


When you view a folder for the first time in VisibleThread 2.11 the discovery view will show no data, instead you will be offered the option of 'Re-analyzing' the folder so that VisibleThread can apply the updated discovery algorithms to the documents in your folder. 



Depending on the number and size of the documents in your folder, the re-analysis may take some time, for example to 10 minutes. Note this is a one-time process and you should only need to re-analyze the folder once. During this process you will be presented with a screen similar to the following:





This re-analysis process may take several minutes. You will not be able to use VisibleThread while this process is running. If you refresh your browser you should be brought back into the progress view above. 


As mentioned above this is a one time process for each folder that you need to go through to use the new discovery features in 2.11


If you have any questions about this process please let us know at


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