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Can VisibleThread analyze documents containing languages other than English?

We often get asked if VisibleThread can process documents that contain non-English language, the short answer is yes! 

To explain in more detail, languages are divided into 2 categories; based on their alphabets:

- Latin based languages, examples; French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Italian etc.
- Eastern based languages, (languages that use Double Byte Character Sets), examples; Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Korean etc.

VisibleThread can process documents for all Latin based languages. So, you can setup dictionaries in these languages and search effectively.

Specifically the following capabilities will work for Latin based languages:

- Quality analysis using compliance and bad language dictionaries
- Concept analysis at folder and document level
- Structure analysis for MS Word document
- Noun Discovery (only supported for English language)
- Plain / Clear language analysis – long sentences are calculated for all Latin based languages. Passive voice and hidden verbs are certified for English only.

VisibleThread does not currently support Eastern based languages.


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