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Tip - How to search for a specific document in your folders

If you ever wanted to search for a specific doc across a bunch of folders, here's an easy way how:

  1. Click ‘Home’ in the navigation view,
  2. Click the ‘Activity’ tab on the right hand side
  3. Now in the ‘filter’ box type in the first few letters of the doc you’re searching for. In the example screenshot below, I’m looking for any reference to ‘SOW’, so I enter SOW into the filter field as indicated. This will isolate any activity around that doc and you can see the folder also. Note: this can be partial or full character filtering/searching.
  4. Handy tip 1: sort columns. If you sort on the ‘description’ field, (by clicking on the heading), you will see all docs ‘uploaded’ at the start of the list.
  5. Handy tip 2: export. You can also export that list to excel, clicking the ‘Export’ option.
  6. Finally click on the entry in the list to go directly to that doc in the context of it’s containing folder.


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