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New concept list available for searching technical symbols like Ω, ∞ etc. - free download

[UPDATED March 2014 to reflect new menu layout in version 2.10]


We just put out a new 'symbol' oriented concept list, that you can quickly import into your environment. It allows you quickly search for technical symbols. For proposal analysis, you would run this list against an technical RFP to isolate any requirements that relate to units of measurement etc. Once you have imported this into your environment, feel free to update and modify it.

[NOTE: We've updated the instructions below to reflect version 2.10 and upwards. For prior versions drop a mail to support and we can help you]

Items I've included in the concept list are:

  • units of measurement e.g: Ω (impedence),  (infinity), ° (degree) etc.
  • units of math e.g: < (less than), > (greater than),  (less than or equal),  (greater than or equal), (square root) etc.
  • unit of currency e.g: ¢ (cent), ¥ (yen), $ (dollar) etc.

So, to import this into your environment, follow these steps:

  1. Download the attached file 'Symbols.xml' to a location on your hard drive. Let's assume it's '..\downloads'
  2. Click 'Dictionaries' on the bottom left of the dashboard
  3. Click "Actions >> Import from archive" button to initiate an import.
  4. Choose the file above and click OK.
Here is the actual concept list you will get. Hope you find it useful.
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