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Tip - how to add symbols like Ω (impedence) or ° (degrees) to a concept list

A query come in from a customer last week asking how to insert symbols into concept lists. I wanted to share the answer. It'll be of interest for those who want to scan technical documents for measures etc..

Here's the mail extract:


I tried to load a couple of symbols (i.e. ° and Ω) into the Concept List in the online version.  Sometimes my customers use deg or ohm. I am finding a lot of use of symbols.

I want to scan the specification for units (both text and symbol) to create Design Engineering documents called:

Outline of Requirements:

  • 180 °C maximum operating temperature
  • 50 Ω maximum impedance
  • 20 MHz minimum frequency
  • 100 MHz maximum frequency
  • Etc
How do I do this?
The key here is to use the clipboard to copy the symbol from MS Word and paste it into the concept edit field.
Here's how you do it:
  1. open MS Word with a new empty doc
  2. if in MS Word 2007 or 2010, click the 'Insert' ribbon
  3. at the far right of the ribbon, click the 'Symbol' option and insert whatever symbol you need
  4. now that the symbol is in the document, select it and copy it to the clipboard. To copy to the clipboard hit CTRL + C.
  5. now switch to VisibleThread, select your concept list under 'Reference Practices'
  6. then edit the concept list by clicking 'Edit' on the right hand side
  7. click 'New concept'
  8. click in the Name field
  9.  finally paste the symbol using CTRL + V
  10. Save the concept list
hope this helps.
VisibleThread customer Support
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