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How do I create and share a plain language report?

When working with the Plain Language view in VisibleThread, it can be very useful to create report of the findings. This will allow you to printed or distributed the findings to your colleagues.


Generating the plain language report

Follow these steps to create a plain language report from VisibleThread:

1. Select the document you wish to report on, and select the ‘Plain Language’ tab.



2. Click on the ‘Export’ drop down and select ‘Export to HTML’



3. You should now see the report appear in a separate window, such as the one below. From here you can print the report by clicking on the ‘Print’ link on the top right of the report.



Saving the plain language report

If you wish to save the plain language report you can follow these steps:

1. Click on the ‘File’ menu from the report window.

2. Select ‘Select Page as’

3. In the save dialog select ‘Web Page, complete’ as the file type



Enter the file name, and click ‘Save’.


In the example above, a file named 'PlainLanguageReport.htm' will be saved in the 'Public' folder of my computer. This file can be opened and viewed independently of VisibleThread, and can be emailed to colleagues.

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