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How do I customize dictionaries? (concept keyword list or quality scans)

UPDATED with video Nov 2015

You may want to customize the dictionaries in VisibleThread Docs (either Quality or Concepts lists) or Clarity Grader. So for instance, you might want to add new words or phrases (eg: 'task order') to a compliance scan. This video shows how.

If you're unable to play the video, steps below.




Here's a description of the steps:


1. Click on the 'Dictionaries' accordion in the bottom left of the dashboard

2. Click the + button to the left of 'Quality Scans' in the navigation area on the left hand side



3. After clicking this the list should show all available scans.

4. Click on the 'Bid - Compliance Scan v6' (or if you have your own scan choose it) in the navigation area.

Note: In the screenshot below, the user is editing 'Bid - Review Scan v6', but the same approach works regardless of which scan dictionary you choose.

5. On the right side, click the 'Edit' button. It looks like this:



6. To add new terms/phrases to a specific category, on the right hand side:

a. Just click the category you want to add to then

b. hit 'New Term'

7. Enter the new term you need and click 'Ok'

Note 1: You can edit existing categories or terms by selecting the specific entry and editing the details in the bottom pane

Note 2: You can add new categories by clicking on the 'Add Category' button.

8. Finally to save the edits, click the 'Save' button. If this scan has been run against any docs you will be prompted with a message. Go ahead and click 'Ok'.

9. Now you can view the results by navigating back to the 'Folders' accordion.


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