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Tip - Have an existing MS Word doc? - 3 simple steps to create a new Structure Outline from it.

You may well have existing documents that you want to use as a basis for creating new MS Word docs in VisibleThread.

Here's what you do:

  1. Upload the MS Word doc that has the structure you need. For this example, I've uploaded an RFP proposal template called 'proposal_template_for_prime_contractors.doc' into a folder called 'ABC'. (See screen below for how it looks)
  2. Once uploaded, click the structure tab on the right
  3. Now you will see a button called 'New outline'. (see screen below, I've called it out). Click that button and name the new outline

Once done click 'Reference Practices' and you will see the new structure based on the doc you uploaded. You can edit this further by selecting the outline and clicking 'Edit'. Finally to create a fresh new MS Word doc from this outline, under 'Folders', select any folder and click 'Actions' >> 'Create New Document from Outline...' and name it. This will create a lovely new doc.

Bonus Tip: Use descriptions in the structure to populate the generated doc with boilerplate.

Here's the screen showing where you click for step 3:


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