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    VisibleThread for docs deployment options

     [LAST Updated: March 2015]

    There are three basic models for deploying VisibleThread for docs. The most appropriate option for you will depend on your exact business need.

    VisibleThread On Demand (Cloud)

    VisibleThread On Demand is a hosted solution available by subscription, literally ready to start working in minutes and flexible enough to grow with your needs. In this scenario we host your VisibleThread subscription in our cloud. We use Rackspace ( as our cloud infrastructure partner. This is the quickest way to get up and running with VisbileThread. Rackspace servers are physically hosted in the continental US.

    If you are working with Sales Proposal's that have either export restrictions OR classified, this may not be suitable as some of our support staff are non-US nationals. We recommend you choose either our On-Premise or Private Cloud option.

    For our security policy for on-demand customers, see:


    VisibleThread On-Premise

    In this scenario the VisibleThread application is physically deployed on-site behind your corporate firewall. This will require some infrastructure allocated on your network to host the application, however this is typically very modest.

    In this scenario the application is completely under your control. There is no communication of any type outside of your firewall. Use this approach for the most confidential content where legal or other restrictions prevent you using an on demand (cloud) approach.

    For more information about this deployment option please see this support article:

    VisibleThread Private Cloud

    This scenario is a hybrid of the previous scenario's.

    In this model, you deploy the VisibleThread application in a private cloud under your control. We support and have certified the deployment of the VisibleThread application onto the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud infrastructure and can provide a VisibleThread AMI for you to deploy to your private cloud on AWS. We can also help you if you're using Microsoft Azure.

    If you have specific queries or general questions on how we work with private cloud deployments, please contact our team at



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