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Deploying VisibleThread in Amazon AWS

Once you provide us with your AWS Account Number we will share the "VisibleThread Docs" AMI (Amazon Machine Image) with you.
Then, to get started :

1. Go to your ec2 dashboard and navigate to the "US East (N. Virginia)" region.
2. Select "Images --> AMI",then select "Private images" (default is "Owned by me"). You should see an AMI named "VisibleThread Docs".
3. Hit launch
4. Select "t2.medium" as the instance type, hit "Next"
5. Check the box beside "Enable termination protection:   Protect against accidental termination".
6. Continue through each step until you reach "Step 6: Configure Security Group"
7. We require ssh, http & https rules
8. Hit "Review and launch"
9. Select "Continue with Magnetic as the boot volume for this instance.", "Next"
10. Hit "Launch"
11. Create a key pair, save the private key and Launch.

Your instance should start shortly.
Select the instance and you should see a "Public IP". This is the IP for your new VisibleThread server !

To configure your VisibleThread deployment follow the steps in this support article from "2. Upload your license file" :

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