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Whats on the VisibleThread Virtual Appliance?

[Last Updated: May 2021]

We assemble and distribute a fully configured Virtual Appliance with OS and dependent components embedded. These include the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS operating system, Apache Web Server, Tomcat servlet container and the Postgres database. For each release we put the configuration through our test harness and certify it prior to shipping. Additionally we may upgrade and certify newer version of components in a given release cycle.


For version 3.4.2 (our current production version), the Virtual Appliance runs the following components:

1. Ubuntu 20.04 64-bit operating system (The recommended long term supported version of Ubuntu)

2. Apache Webserver

3. PostreSQL

4. Tomcat servlet container, with the VisibleThread dashboard web application, and the VisibleThread analysis web services.


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