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How do I change the default SandBox admin password?

This articles describes how to change some of the 'out of the box' settings on the VisibleThread server.


VisibleThread Administration site username and password 

The VisibleThread administration site is protected by a username and password.

On initial deployment the credentials for this page are username: ‘visiblethread’ password: ‘password’. These can be modified by logging in to the VisibleThread virtual appliance console and changing the settings in the following file:



Red Hat:

  1. In a text editor, modify the following line to change the username and password:


     <user username="visiblethread" password="password" roles="vtdeploymentadmin"/> 
  2. Save the file and exit the editor

  3. Restart the VisibleThread application by typing the following at the command line:




    Red Hat:

    sudo systemctl restart visiblethread-docs
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