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How do I add/remove users from VisibleThread


VisibleThread users are defined in a VisibleThread 'sandbox'. Each VisibleThread installation contains at least one sandbox (the 'Default Sandbox' is created automatically). Users are added/removed via the User Admin page for a particular sandbox.

There are two ways to access the User Admin page for a particular sandbox:

  1. System administrators can log on to the VisibleThread administration site and click 'Add/Remove users' for a particular sandbox. See below for further details. 
  2. VisibleThread users with 'Admin' privileges can sign in to their VisibleThread account and edit the details of users that have access to their sandbox. See below for further details.


Accessing the Sandbox User Admin area from the VisibleThread Administration site

This method is typically used by System Administrators who have overall responsibility for the maintenance of VisibleThread

  1. Open a web browser and in the address bar type https://<your-on-prem-vt-docs-server>/sandboxAdmin
  2. This url is protected by a username and password
  3. The Administration site lists all sandboxes defined in the system. Select a sandbox and click on the Click to Add/Remove users link to the right of the sandbox name :


Accessing the Sandbox User Admin area when logged in to the VisibleThread application

This method is typically used by users who have overall responsibility for the management of licenses for a particular group/team.  These users can be given 'Admin' privileges by the System Administrator (see above) and from that point on can add or remove users to their environment.

  1. Sign in to the VisibleThread application.
  2. After the dashboard has loaded click on the 'User Admin' button on the sidebar

  3. This will bring you to the user admin page for your sandbox.


Using the user admin page 


To Add a user:

  1. Click on the Add User button 
  2. Enter the new username (email address) and other details :mceclip2.png
  3. Click OK

 To Delete a user:

Note: This will delete the affected user's Folders and Documents!

  1. Select the user in the table
  2. Click on the Delete User button 
  3. Click Yes

Updating a user's details:

  1. Select the user you wish to update
  2. Click on Click to Edit user link - this will display a dialog like the Add User dialog above
  3. To add/remove sandbox administration privileges to the user, check/uncheck the 'Admin' check box.
  4. To activate or de-activate a user check or uncheck the 'Active' check box. A user that has been deactivated will not be able to log on to VisibleThread.
  5. Click OK to save your changes.

 Import Users from CSV

 You can add multiple users by importing a CSV file that contains a list of users:


To give a bit more details of the above format example, In the "CSV columns" "email" = username. The true or false values are used to specify what permissions you want each user to have. In the above example, the 4 true or false values to be set are "active, admin, settingsadmin, dictionaryadmin". Setting the "active" value to true would use up a license and that user could login and use the application. So in the example above it would be creating a user '' and setting the user up to be active without admin permission but can change application settings and dictionary settings. To show you what this would look like in a real example, open a blank Excel sheet and enter the information required for each user. Don't forget to save the file as a .CSV. See screenshot below,screenshot1.png


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