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    eBook - Using VisibleThread during the Proposal Lifecycle


    This eBook last updated: May 2016


    We issued an eBook for those applying VisibleThread to support proposal management.

    Click the link at the very end of this post for the PDF

    For each topic we show:

    1. topic description
    2. step by step instructions in VT
    3. Additional links such as video or blog posts

    We cover these topics:

    • 1.0 RFP Release
    • 1.1 Create a Starter Compliance Matrix
    • 1.2 Discover Frequency of Word Use in the Solicitation and/or Proposal
    • 2.0 Proposal Development and Review Preparation
    • 2.1 Verify Compliance to Structure Outlines
    • 2.2 Detecting Potential Areas of Risk, Unsubstantiated Claims, Areas that May Require Metrics, Etc.
    • 2.3 Determine if Content Requirements are Sufficiently Addressed
    • 2.4 Confirm that Proposal Win Themes and Discriminators are Addressed
    • 2.5 Review Readability of Proposal (Long Sentences, Passive Sentences, Hidden Verbs)
    • 2.6 Review Trend for Proposal Quality Statistics over Time (Quality Hits, Concept Hits, Plain Language Statistics)
    • 3.0 Post Red Team Review
    • 3.1 Create an Acronym List
    • 3.2 Check for Content Loss after Cutting Material to Meet Page Limitations
    • 3.3 Use Discovery to Assist with Building a Proposal Cross-Reference Matrix
    • 3.5 Confirm Integrity of Outline
    • 4.0 Post–Proposal Submittal
    • 4.1 Final Proposal Reviews (FPRs)
    • 4.2 Debrief Analysis
    • 5.0 Capture
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