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Migrating from VT Docs Cloud to a Customer-Hosted VT Docs Server

To complete migration from the Cloud to a customer hosted environment, follow these steps (after uploading the license file on your customer hosted instance):


  1. Manually add / recreate your users

    To complete this step, navigate to the System Admin tab, then click Users, then click + New User. Fill out the Add User form with the appropriate data for each of your users.

  2. Download and Restore Dictionaries

    Next, return to your Cloud instance and download the dictionaries you wish to import to your customer hosted instance. To download the dictionaries: Navigate to the Dictionaries tab and click Backup below Backup Dictionaries. This will prompt you to download a .zip file that contains all of your dictionaries.

    Next, you will need to restore your dictionaries to your customer hosted instance of VT Docs. To do this: Navigate to your customer hosted instance of VT Docs and click the Dictionaries tab, then click Restore below Restore Dictionaries. Click Browse and then select the .zip file that you downloaded from your cloud instance. Finally click Restore

  3. Download and Restore Folders / Documents

    Lastly, you will need to download all of the documents from your cloud instance. This can be done in two ways - Downloading all files / folders at once, or downloading each folder individually. To download all files at once: Navigate to the Folders tab in your cloud instance. In the top left corner, right click Folders. Then click Download All Documents (this is not recommended if you have a large number of documents stored - the download may take an extended period of time).

    Alternatively, you can right click a folder, and click Download All Documents - repeating this for each folder until all have been downloaded.

    Next, return to your customer hosted instance of VT Docs and begin creating your desired file structure (probably recreating what was in your cloud instances' folders tab) To create a folder: right click Folders and click Create Folder. Name the folder and click OK. Repeat these steps for each desired folder.

    Once your desired folder structure has been created, you can begin uploading the files from the cloud that you downloaded. To upload these files: Navigate to the Folders tab, click Browse your files under Upload Documents. Then select your destination folder (this folder is where the documents you select will be stored) and click OK. 

    Now select the files you want to be stored / uploaded to the destination folder that you just selected. To add files to the destination folder: Click + Add then select the document you want to upload. repeat this for every document in the destination folder. Once all have been uploaded, click Close. Repeat these steps for each folder until all your desired documents have been uploaded. You have now completed a migration from a cloud VT Docs instance to a customer hosted VT Docs instance.

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