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How to install VT Writer on Windows

Minimum Server Specs

2 CPU Cores
200GB disk

Windows installs have been tested and verified on the following versions:
Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022


Note: VT Writer requires port 443 for users to access the application from web browser.


Installing VT Writer

To install VT Docs on Windows, download the .exe file from here.

To verify that the download was completed successfully, you can check the hash by running the following command:

certutil -hashfile vtwriter_windows-x64_4_0_5.exe MD5

The valid MD5 Hash is: C416CA486458FF74178EFC3FEAA22F70

VT Writer requires a HTTP server. There are two ways to deploy VT Writer with a HTTP Server:

  1. Install Apache HTTP server as part of the VT Writer installation
  2. Use a Windows IIS server and configure it to work with VT Writer

Install Using Apache Web Server

Run the install file and follow the install wizard instructions. If you wish to use the Apache web server make sure the box is checked. All configuration for Apache web server will be done as part of the install.


Install Using IIS

If you wish to use IIS as a reverse proxy and for SSL termination make sure to uncheck the Apache box. We do NOT configure IIS as part of the install. Once the install wizard has finished, please follow this guide to configure IIS.


Opening Port 80 and 443

VT Writer will need access to port 80 and 443 on your firewall. Note that Apache and IIS are configured to automatically re-direct port 80 to 443. Open Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security.

In the Inbound Rules tab, select New Rule.


Then select Port and click Next.



Next select TCP and Specific local ports. In the text field enter 80, 443 as pictured below. Then click Next.

Select Allow the connection and click Next.

Next, ensure all boxes are checked as pictured below and click Next.

Lastly, give your new inbound rule a name and description. An example is provided below. Once finished, click Finish.


VT Writer should now be accessible via HTTPS!


For further configuration, please see our configuration guide.


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