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VT Docs 6.0.3 Release Notes

VT Docs 6.0.3 is a major release available for customer-hosted (on-premise) customers.

This release incorporates all the the enhancements delivered in the 6.0 cloud release with some extra capability for customer-hosted deployments.


New Features/Enhancements

VT-3138 Redesigned Dictionary editor experience

VT-3693 Redesigned summary screens at document and folder level

VT-5124 Allow dictionary term have a colour associated with it

VT-3745 Redesigned dictionary home page

VT-3880 New Dictionary Search Tab - replacing "Concept Tracking" and "Quality Analysis" with a simpler "Dictionary Search" tab

VT-4489 New Drag and Drop File Upload

VT-4271 Support case sensitive Dictionary Search terms, and wildcards / regular expressions for pattern matching

VT-3723 Annotated Doc for Acronym report

VT-5136  Customizable Message Banner per workspace

VT-5031 Allow use of Regex in Acronym ignore list

VT-4835 Always show workspace name on the VT Docs home page even if I am only in one workspace




VT-5258 Document word count changes if new dictionary assigned at folder level

VT-4862 /docs/license/setup is accessible in cloud mode

VT-3626 Ambiguous error message when importing .csv dictionaries leads to confusion

VT-4731 Empty Themes appearing when multiple searches completed in Discovery

VT-5379 Export acronym to word document escapes special characters

VT-5377 Discovery not showing correctly on bigger monitor

VT-5335 Activity view not refreshed after changing dictionary at folder level

VT-5281 Complex Word documents missing some or all Annotations when downloading Annotated Document

VT-4432 Exception thrown when downloading annotated document

VT-3327 User sign-in count is inaccurate on VT Docs home screen

VT-1890 Home Summary Page does not update automatically


Platform Enhancements

- Upgrade to Java 17

- Upgrade to Spring 6.0.5

- Password Reset link not expiry after password change in UI

- Remediate vulnerable java libraries

- Support RHEL 9, end of support for RHEL 7

- Upgrade to Apache Tomcat 9.0.83


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