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How to deploy the VT Writer word add-in for Cloud users

Instruction for  Office365 Admin

The I.T Admin with Office365 permissions will have to follow the steps below to make the add-in available to all or specific users.


Click  the Get It Now button, located on the VT Writer login page(



You will then be redirected to MicroSoft AppSource, again click Get it Now



When you click Get it now you will be redirected to Office 365 Admin Center (Integrated apps). From here you can assign users to allow them to get the add-in via their Word application.


Instruction for I.T Admin that use SharePoint

Add-in manifest file

Deploying the VT Writer add-in will require supplying the add-in manifest file. The manifest file can be retrieved from the VT Writer application at 


Deploying Add-In

An app catalog is a dedicated site collection in a SharePoint web application or SharePoint Online tenancy that hosts document libraries for Office and SharePoint Add-ins. To make Office Add-ins accessible to users within their organization, administrators can upload Office Add-in manifest files to the app catalog for their organization. When an administrator registers an app catalog as a trusted catalog, users can insert the add-in from the insertion UI in an Office client application.

For more details see:

Publish task pane and content add-ins to a SharePoint app catalog - Office Add-ins | Microsoft Learn


Instruction for Users

Once the I.T Admin has completed the above step the users can install the Add-In by opening their Word application > Insert Tab> My Add-ins > A pop-up will appear with VT Writer Add-In.



Deploying the add-in using a local Windows Network Share

Create a network share that your VT Writer users have Read access to (Note: The file needs to be available when a user loads Word and the add-in starts. If the file is installed behind a firewall, the add-in may be unavailable if a user is not on your corporate network or VPN.). Download the manifest.xml file from the VT Writer server ( and place it in the new share. Once this is complete, end-users will be able to add this as a Trusted Add-In Catalog.


Open up the Word Add-In Catalog options via File->Options->Trust Center -> Trusted Add-In Catalogs, then select Add catalog and enter your new File Share's UNC path (here we use \\localhost\writer as an example, where the manifest.xml file's path is \\localhost\writer\manifest.xml):


This will allow Word to see the Add-In manifest and use it for adding the Add-In:


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