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Release 3.3.1 (February 2023)


VT Writer 3.3.1 is an on-premise and cloud release. 


Release Highlights:

MS Word add-in

Release 3.3.1 makes the VT Writer add-in available for on premise customers. The VT Writer Word Add-In lets you analyze your writing for clarity, directly within your Microsoft Word environment. 



Other Improvements:

VTREAD-2956: Performance improvement analyzing content with large watchword lists.

VTREAD-2879: Accessibility improvements to email server responses.

VTREAD-2946: Accessibility improvements to the VT Writer Web UI.

VTREAD-2971: Allow users to filter the analysis results to show only paragraphs with issues, or all paragraphs.


Bug Fixes:

VTREAD-2921 Discrepancies between long word hightligthing between email service and web app excel generation.

VTREAD-2965 Administration Page: 'Save Changes' button remains disables after no team name is entered while adding a team.

VTREAD-2972 Administration Page: Users are always included in export regardless of choice.

VTREAD-3189 If error when testing the outbound email spinner spins indefinitely




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